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Reflection on FoSB with Kyrby Brown

Last Thursday, Kyrby Brown, Access Coordinator at WECIL, spoke at Future Leap’s Festival of Sustainable Business Conference, participating in the panel discussion “Leading Change: Brand Activism, Communications, and Business. Kyrby discussed the role of businesses in supporting Disabled people’s rights and how for sustainability to be truly sustainable, we need to include everyone on the…

The Headaches of Hiring Help

The piece below comes from Wheels to Wander, a blog by Kyrby Brown who works as WECIL’s Access Coordinator within our Disability.Inc. team.   In it, Kirby shares her personal learning around the challenges of hiring Personal Assistants. With thanks to Kirby, we thought this advice may be of interest to people who use our Independent Living Payments…

5 Accessible Activities to do this Christmas Holiday

The Christmas holidays are nearly here, a time for many families to celebrate, get together with friends and family and enjoy the festivities.Every parent wants their child to have a fun, relaxing holiday. But, worrying about finding accessible Christmas activities that everyone can join in with shouldn’t add to the stress of last-minute Christmas shopping….

A day in the life of a Personal Assistant

Are you looking for a job where you can make a difference? A role that is fulfilling, where you can connect with people and no day is the same? Well, we may have the perfect answer for you. We are looking for reliable, enthusiastic individuals who are sociable and want to support others to live…

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