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South Gloucestershire Short Breaks

Please be aware – to access this service families must be referred by South Gloucestershire Local Authority.

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What we do

WECIL works in close partnership with parents, carers and Disabled children between 5 and 18 in South Gloucestershire providing Short Breaks according to an agreed contract with the local authority.


WECIL runs this service in partnership with SENSE where Children or Young People will be allocated to the organisation that can best support their needs. The level of service and quantity of time allocated to families is established by the family and the Social Worker, who then refers the service to WECIL. WECIL are commissioned by the Child Health and Disability Team (CHAD), South Gloucestershire Local Authority Social Care to provide:

Promotes inclusion by offering Disabled children and young people choices and support to participate in a range of play and leisure activities in the local community.  Inclusion Service is provided for an agreed fixed period to each child and then reviewed by Social Care and WECIL. Inclusion services are normally provided between 3pm and 9.30pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 6pm at weekends.

Provides flexible support to families and their children in their own homes or in the community during the school holidays. This is to support the family and the child when the structure of school is absent.

Provides flexible childcare for disabled children and their siblings in the home. Time for You is provided at any time up until midnight and sometimes later with agreement by managers.  Each child will have an agreed number of hours during the period of provision either in the home or in the community.

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