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A day in the life of a Personal Assistant

Are you looking for a job where you can make a difference? A role that is fulfilling, where you can connect with people and no day is the same? Well, we may have the perfect answer for you.

We are looking for reliable, enthusiastic individuals who are sociable and want to support others to live independent lives. Personal Assistants, or PAs, play a huge role in helping Disabled people to live the life they choose so they can fully participate in society. If you’re looking for a way to give back to your community and make a difference then read on to find out more about becoming a PA!

So what is a Personal Assistant?

A PA is a Personal Assistant or Support Worker who is employed by a Disabled person to support them with day to day activities. 

This role isn’t a one-size-fits-all job; it’s dynamic and adaptable, shaped by you and your employer. What’s more, don’t expect each day to be the same – it’s hugely varied! From assisting with admin tasks to accompanying clients to appointments and going to social activities like festivals and sporting events, it’s as diverse as it is rewarding. 

You may act (quite literally) as your client’s hands, ears and eyes, to empower them to live independently, overcome barriers, and enjoy a fulfilling life, preventing isolation and loneliness. 

Chan, from Bristol works as a PA for a Disabled person on a regular basis and said it is ‘one of the most rewarding and engaging jobs, supporting someone to fulfil their dreams and seeing them smile makes it all worth it’.

While the role can be challenging at times, it gives you the opportunity to make a positive impact, develop valuable skills, and create meaningful relationships with people who really value you.

It’s diverse, no day is the same

One of the best aspects of being a PA is the diversity of the role. No two days are the same, forget the typical nine-to-five routine!

Whether you’re looking for weekend, evening work or hours that fit alongside another job, being a PA can fit around your day – you and your client can arrange a schedule that works for everyone! It can range from 4 – 60 hours a week – it’s up to you.

As a PA, you have the opportunity to work with Disabled people from diverse backgrounds, different ages, interests and capabilities. One day, you might be providing personal care assistance to someone with physical impairments, helping them with dressing, bathing, or mobility. The next day, you might be assisting with admin tasks such as organising their schedule, managing appointments, or helping with paperwork – it really depends on the needs of your client!

Go beyond the job

Each client’s support package is unique, but PA’s bring the extra special touch. Whether it’s providing a supportive presence, aiding with mobility, being a communication bridge, or having fun on memorable outings, your impact goes beyond the ordinary. One Disabled person explained the importance of her PA “They are important for my communication, support and social life – my ears, hands and body at different times – and they provide emotional and psychological support”.

Aspiring artist? Sport fanatic? Love gardening? You can apply to work with people who have shared interests with you, making it easy and enjoyable to foster a good connection. Beyond the essential day to day tasks, one the best things about being a PA is doing fun, enjoyable activities together with your client. This can include attending festivals, travelling to new places, or exploring shared hobbies and interests. One of our PAs even took their client to Paris for a weekend! 

It’s challenging but very rewarding

Looking for a challenge and the opportunity to learn new skills? Becoming a PA is a great answer to this, whether it’s learning how to better problem solve, communicate or even how to cook, there are plenty of opportunities for personal and professional growth. 

Interpersonal skills such as these are very transferable and highly valued by employers, equipping you for future career progression as well as making a lasting positive impact on the lives of Disabled people that you work with.

Ready to Make a Difference?

Whether you’re a student, retiree, or someone with spare time who would like to give back to the community, becoming a PA may be a great fit for you. You don’t need any experience, just need to be reliable, a willingness to learn and a positive attitude!

From people skills to health and social care, youth work and Disabled people’s rights, you’ll be learning something new every day. You have the power to shape your role and give someone agency to live a fulfilling, independent life. 

Visit our website to apply to be a PA and make a difference today.

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