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We support a whole range of individuals and organisations who use and are looking to use WECIL’s services. For more information, to speak with one of the team or to explore volunteering opportunity please read on or call: 0117 947 9911

How to find us

The Vassall Centre,
Gill Ave,
Fishponds, Bristol,
BS16 2QQ

Tel: 0117 947 9911

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We understand that everyone's needs are different. As a user led organisation, we know the benefits of individual, bespoke support and we are committed to doing our best to find that for you.

Help us to help our community

WECIL is a charity run by and for disabled people. We support over 4,000 people in Bristol and surrounds every year, with the aim of enabling people to have more choice and control over their lives.

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Our approach is fully user centred. Our staff have lived experience of Disability and this informs the support we offer.

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PA Jobs

Personal Assistant (PA) roles are varied, challenging and rewarding. Every day is different, but you will always be supporting your employer, a disabled person, to lead the life that they choose.


Volunteering at WECIL is a great opportunity to gain new skills, learn about what we do and contribute positively to the lives of Disabled people. We will pay for any out-of-pocket expenses and we will aim to ensure that as a volunteer:

  • Your time, skills and experience will be used well
  • Your work will be appreciated and recognised
  • You will be provided with information and
    guidance to carry out your volunteer role
  • Your access needs will be met; our offices are accessible buildings and we will make reasonable adjustments as required
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