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Navigators - Helping you access the support and advice you need

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What we do

Whatever your enquiry, our team of Navigators can signpost and give you support to access the right services for you. We understand that knowing where or how to begin accessing support can be confusing, and some language and policies are complicated – that is why our experienced team is here specifically to help you navigate and understand how WECIL or other organisations may be able to help you.

Every question, issue, frustration or query is valid. We work closely with you to feel supported with what matters to you, and do our best to find practical and realistic solutions.

This could include:

  • Help with filling in a form
  • Feeling lonely, isolated or struggling with your mental health
  • Looking for more opportunities for social interaction
  • Needing financial support and advice (for example debt, accessing health related benefits or emergency grants)
  • Help to understand your care needs and access appropriate care and support
  • Your care needs have changed and you need help and advice to get the support you need
  • Advice around employment or education

A friendly team

Our team of highly experienced Navigators are friendly and approachable, and here to listen to any issues and questions you might have.

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Job title: Head of Community Services 

Hi! I’m Lucie. I’ve worked at WECIL overseeing our Community Department for just over 6 years and have worked in leadership roles within the third sector for over 10 years. I couldn’t be prouder of our Community Team who are so conscientious in helping our community achieve what matters to them. I am passionate about leading services which are people centred and developing partnerships which benefit our community.
I have been Chair of Trustees for another local charity and Youth Centre for 5 years and
recently trained to become a ‘Gig Buddy’ supporting Disabled people to attend
gigs when they might not have the support in place to do so.

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Job title: Navigator Coordinator

My name is Mike and I am a Disabled Person. I am Navigator Coordinator here at WECIL. I work both as a navigator and as support to the navigating team. I have been working at WECIL for 11 years, the last 10 specialising in Welfare Benefits, especially Disability Benefits including Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for children.

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Job title: Navigator

Hi, my name is Rupa and I have been a Navigator for 2 years. I have lived experience as a Visually Impaired Person and as a carer. When this opportunity came up I felt passionate about supporting people and still do! I love talking to people and getting them the right support. My 20 years in the voluntary sector has taught me a lot.

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Job title: ILP Specialist Navigator

Hi, my name is Thea Coles, and I am the ILP Specialist Navigator.  My role is the Direct Payments Support Line and supporting the ILP/Navigator Teams. I’ve worked in Direct Payments for nearly five years now and I’ve always been passionate about removing barriers people face.  I feel my role helps to facilitate that. In my spare time, I love anything creative and walking in nature.

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Job title: Navigator

My name is Jemima and I have been a Navigator since the beginning of 2022, prior to this I worked in the Independent Living Payments Team supporting people with their Direct Payments. I love my work and have a particular passion for supporting parents and carers. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, the outdoors, yoga, choir, writing and running.

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Job title: Disability Employment Specialist Navigator

Hi, I’m Anthony! I’ve been a part of the Navigators team for the last 2 years, and I love it. I have been with WECIL for 10 years, working across several projects including: Advocacy, Benefits Advice, Employment Advice and Consultancy. I am truly passionate about supporting the members of our community, helping them to live more independently. When I am not at work, I love to attend as many gigs and festivals that I can, and often DJ too!


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