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Justine Viot

Maximising your benefits with Citizens Advice

Receiving Personal Independence Payments (PIP) can act as a gateway for accessing other types of help. If you receive specific rates of PIP you may be eligible for other benefits (providing you meet the other conditions of each benefit). Exemples If you receive the standard rate for the Mobility Component you may be eligible for…

Reflection on FoSB with Kyrby Brown

Last Thursday, Kyrby Brown, Access Coordinator at WECIL, spoke at Future Leap’s Festival of Sustainable Business Conference, participating in the panel discussion “Leading Change: Brand Activism, Communications, and Business. Kyrby discussed the role of businesses in supporting Disabled people’s rights and how for sustainability to be truly sustainable, we need to include everyone on the…

Food Banks and Cheap Alternatives

Winter and the cost of living crisis can be a tricky time for many, especially in the aftermath of Christmas spending. If you’re struggling with budgeting and affording food or other essentials, know that you are not alone, and that facing financial challenges is nothing to feel ashamed of. There are lots of others in…

December 2023 Newsletter

Greetings from Dominic Ellison
This year’s Access All Areas event at the Trinity Centre in Bristol was a huge success and it was fantastic to see so many people…

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