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PA Jobs

Personal Assistant (PA) roles are varied, challenging and rewarding. Every day is different, but you will always be supporting your employer, a Disabled person, to lead the life that they choose.

Live vacancies

Personal Assistants support Disabled people with daily activities that they may be unable or find difficult to do alone. Specific responsibilities are decided by the employer but this could include tasks such as helping around the house, driving to appointments, some personal care or even accompanying them to the cinema.

Previous experience isn‘t always necessary with this role, as much as reliability, willingness to learn and a positive attitude. Roles are usually part time, and are sometimes flexible so could be fitted in around your other responsibilities.

To ensure that we are able to recruit from a wide pool of applicants, we work in partnership with UKCIL to recruit Personal Assistants. Below you will find all our current vacancies and you can easily apply for any roles that you may be interested in.

Please note – with all of these roles, the employer is the disabled person who you will be working for and not WECIL.

We understand that everyone's needs are different. As a user led organisation, we know the benefits of individual, bespoke support and we are committed to doing our best to find that for you.

Free training

If you as an employer of Personal Assistants or your Personal Assistants require training then please contact us on 0117 947 9933 or emails us at [email protected] to ask about what is available and how you access this.

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