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April 2024 Newsletter

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Leading stories

Reflection on the Festival of Sustainable Business with Kyrby Brown – Last month, Kyrby Brown, Access Coordinator at WECIL, spoke at Future Leap’s Festival of Sustainable Business Conference. Kyrby discussed the role of businesses in supporting Disabled people’s rights and how for sustainability to be truly sustainable, we need to include everyone on the journey from the outset, rather than accessibility being an afterthought. We asked Kyrby some questions reflecting on the day, read them here.

Did you know that April is #CelebratingSocialCare month? – So the WECIL team want to say a HUGE thank you to all the Personal Assistants that support our Direct Payment community to live the lives we choose. Read more about this movement and its purpose here.

General announcements

Contract extension: accessibility support for Somerset Council – We, at Disability.Inc., are delighted that our contract with Somerset Council has been extended for a further 6 months which means we can continue to deliver accessibility support across the region. Read more about what we do here.

Just a reminder to all our Direct Payment recipients that employ Personal Assistants – The National Minimum Wage has changed from April 2024. You MUST now pay at least £11.44 for a Personal Assistant that is 21 years old or older. If you want to pay more than this speak to your WECIL Independent Living Payment Advisor so we can help you with a budget to work out how much your Direct Payment can afford to pay. More information on National Minimum Wage here.

Speak up about Disability issues in Bristol – On Thursday, 2nd May, voters in Bristol will decide who our new councillors will be. Before the voting, there’s going to be a special meeting hosted by Bristol Disability Equality Commission. It’s on Thursday, 25th April, in the Conference Hall at City Hall on College Green. Read more about the event and its details here.

Learn more about your Human Rights

At our WECIL Gathering event in January you told us you want to know more about your Human Rights and the Human Rights Act 1998 so you can use your Direct Payment more flexibly to live the life you choose.

The British Institute of Human Rights has some useful information here. There is also an easy read version here.

Maximising your benefits

Receiving Personal Independence Payments (PIP) can unlock various benefits. Depending on your PIP rates, you may access exemptions from vehicle tax, benefits cap, carer allowances, and support for students. Enhanced rates offer additional benefits like Motability and higher child allowances.

For more information please click here.

The UK Playground accessibility map

Scope launched The Play Investigation in 2023 a campaign during which 1004 playgrounds in the UK were visited and their accessibility for Disabled children tested. From the results of the investigation, the Playground Accessibility Map was created! 

Have a look at the map here.

Welcome Gemma!

We would like to welcome Gemma to the Disability.Inc. team, Gemma is joining us as an Apprentice Coordinator and Administrator, we are looking forward to having her on the team.

To find out more about any of our services, becoming a partner or about volunteering opportunities for Disabled people, please reach out to us here.

“WECIL ILP is supportive, knowledgeable and friendly. fully supportive. Thanks for everything you do for us. 5 stars!”

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