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Local Election Hustings

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Join Us: Speak Up About Disability Issues in Bristol

Your Chance to Talk to the People Who Make Decisions

On Thursday, 2nd May, voters in Bristol will decide who our new councillors will be. These councillors decide on important things like Adult Social Care, Housing, Taxi Licensing and lots of other choices that matter a lot to Disabled people in Bristol.

A Special Meeting Just for Us

Before the voting, there’s going to be a special meeting hosted by Bristol Disability Equality Commision. 

It’s on Thursday, 25th April, in the Conference Hall at City Hall on College Green. 

The leaders of all the main political parties in Bristol have been invited. 

They will tell us what they plan to do for Disabled people if they win. 

But the most important part of the meeting is for you to ask them questions and tell them what you need and want.

This kind of meeting is called a ‘Hustings’.

Event Details

  • When? Thursday, 25th April, from 1 PM to 3 PM.
  • Where? Conference Hall, City Hall, College Green (map link).
  • What’s On? A chance to talk and ask questions of the people who want to run your council. 
Lunch won’t be provided, but there will be light refreshments and we will make sure that you are comfortable. We will have Personal Assistants on hand for those who need support and there will be British Sign Language interpreters throughout the event. 

Parking is available for Blue Badge holders and there is a public car park directly behind City Hall for everybody else. 

If you are travelling by public transport and need advice on how to get there, please get in touch.

Want to Come?

Please let us know if you want to join. You can call 0117 947 9911 or email r[email protected] to say you’re coming.

Let’s Make Our Voices Heard

The people who control our council make important decisions that affect our lives. It is really important that they hear from Disabled people about the challenges we want them to take action on, and that we hear from them what their plans are to promote our rights and provide services that are fair for Disabled people.

Your voice is important. Let’s use this opportunity to make Bristol a better place for everyone.


  • There’s an important meeting for Disabled people in Bristol.
  • You can talk to people who want to make decisions for our city.
  • The meeting is on 25th April, at City Hall.
  • Remember to tell us if you’re coming.

This meeting is put together by the Bristol Disability Equality Commission. They work hard to make Bristol a better place for Disabled people.

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