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Have your say on Bristol Council’s Fair and Affordable Care Policy

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Bristol City Council have released a draft of their new Fair and Affordable Care Policy for public consultation.

The policy was developed in response to current financial pressures and the need to ensure that the council has sufficient resources to meet the needs of all the people who might need care and support.


It is an important policy that has the potential to make a real difference to the lives of people who need care and support. The policy will guide decisions around what support the Council will allocate to people under their Care Act obligations. It is important that Disabled people have the opportunity to participate in the consultation process and share their views on the policy.

To that end, Bristol City Council have produced an EasyRead version of the consultation, which can be accessed here, and a BSL video which can be accessed here.

The main webpage for the consultation is here, and also contains versions of the policy and consultation in Mandarin and Cantonese. 


Bristol City Council state that the policy aims to promote equity and transparency in the council’s decision-making about care and support. It also aims to ensure that people receive the care and support they need in a way that respects their choices and preferences, while also making the best use of available resources.


The policy states that the council will usually look to choose the option which delivers the outcomes desired for the best value. This does not mean choosing the cheapest option, but the option that will provide the best possible care and support for the individual, while also being affordable for the council.


The policy also sets out a number of factors that the council will consider when making decisions about care and support, including:

  • The individual’s needs and preferences
  • The availability of different care and support options
  • The cost of different care and support options
  • The individual’s financial circumstances
  • The council’s budget and resources

The policy is currently in a draft stage and is open to public consultation. 

The consultation period will close on October 6, 2023. 

Once the consultation period has closed, the council will consider the feedback received and make any necessary changes to the policy. The final policy is expected to be implemented in early 2024.


To have your say in this consultation, visit the website here.

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