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Disability Rights UK seeking stories of your experience as a Disabled Consumer

Which? (the independent consumer association) is funding projects which address harm done to consumers, which takes many and varied forms, and is often difficult to spot.

Which? wants to make sure that the voices of all consumers are heard, and that action is taken to tackle consumer harms.

Disability Rights UK would like to apply for this funding and can only do so if they have the authentic experiences of Disabled people to guide them. They would therefore be very interested in anything you have to say on the following:

1. Ensuring Fair Financial Services

They want to make sure that consumers are able to find financial products that work for them, and get good value for money.

2. Fighting Consumer Rip Offs

From overcharging and selling shoddy or unsafe products to providing unacceptable customer service and complaint resolution, they want to make sure businesses play fair and are held to account when they let consumers down.

3. Enabling Consumers to Make Sustainable Choices

They want to support consumers by making the shift towards sustainable consumption more affordable and easier for all, and ensuring that consumers who want to make changes get the support they need to do so.

4. Ensuring Fair and Safe Digital Goods and Services

They want to make sure that businesses and the government do what they can to enable consumers to participate safely and fairly in our increasingly digital world, with confidence that their information is being kept safe from misuse, scams or fraud.

If you have experiences you would like to tell them about, or have any further questions, please email [email protected]

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