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Paid opportunities for Disabled creatives at Bristol Museums

Photograph of egyptian mummies from Bristol Museums collection

The Learning Team at Bristol Museums is developing teaching and learning resources that explore the work of creative practitioners from diverse backgrounds. They are currently looking for 4 creative professionals who are Disabled people and are professional artists, printmakers, sculptors, ceramicists, metalworkers, textile artists, photographers, poets, actors, musicians or dancers.

As part of the resources they are commissioning a film-maker to make 4 short films that demonstrate the individual practitioner’s skills, methods of working and creative outputs. Each film will include a short piece-to-camera where the practitioner talks about what motivated them, what training or qualification they needed and what they, personally, gain from their work.

Full details can be found here or by contacting [email protected]

Bristol Museum – Brief for creative practitioners

Bristol Museum – Brief for film-maker

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