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We The Curious Celebrates Reopening with Citywide Treasure Hunt for Free Tickets

Picture of one the tickets hidden around Bristol

We The Curious, Bristol’s beloved science and arts centre, is celebrating its reopening with an exciting citywide treasure hunt offering free Curiositickets to lucky participants. 

We The Curious has hidden tickets at various locations throughout Bristol, inviting the community to embark on a fun and adventurous quest. This treasure hunt is designed to engage people of all ages, encouraging exploration and discovery in celebration of the centre’s reopening.

Curiositickets can be discovered in these locations on the following dates:

BS16 – Lyde Green Community Centre – May 20
BS7 – Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust, The Hub – May 21
BS13 – Zion Community Centre – May 22
BS2 – St Werburgh’s Community Centre – May 23
BS8 – University of Bristol – Students’ Union – May 24
BS6 – Ardagh Centre – May 25
BS9 – Westbury Wildlife Park – May 26
BS14 – Hengrove Park Leisure Centre – May 27
BS11 – Avonmouth Community Centre – May 28
BS4 – Redcatch Community Garden – May 29
BS10 – Greenway Centre – May 30
BS5 – Easton Community Centre – May 31
BS3 – Windmill Hill City Farm – June 1
BS1 – We The Curious – June 4

We The Curious is a key strategic partner to WECIL, collaborating to ensure that the museum remains inclusive and welcoming to all, especially Disabled people. Our partnership, Inclusive Curious City, sets the ambition for Bristol to become the world’s most inclusive city. Together, WECIL and We The Curious are dedicated to creating an environment where everyone can enjoy and benefit from the diverse educational and cultural experiences on offer.

The partnership between WECIL and We The Curious reflects a shared commitment to inclusivity. We The Curious has implemented various accessibility features, including tactile exhibits, step-free access, and sensory-friendly events, ensuring that Disabled people can fully participate in and enjoy the museum’s programming. This collaboration is a key component of their efforts to break down barriers and promote inclusion within the community.

The treasure hunt is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to explore Bristol and celebrate the reopening of one of the city’s most visited institutions. By participating, you have the chance to win free tickets and support the inclusive initiatives championed by We The Curious and WECIL.

For more information on the treasure hunt and how to participate, visit the We The Curious website. Let’s come together to celebrate curiosity, inclusivity, and the joy of learning in our vibrant city.

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