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Watershed Unveils New Immersive Exhibition Space: Undershed

Abstract image from the exhibition that looks like a burst of electricity around a vaguely human body-shaped silloette

Watershed is set to open its innovative new exhibition space, Undershed, with an immersive and thought-provoking exhibition titled “Sing the Body Electric.” This space, located under the Watershed in the heart of Bristol, aims to redefine the art experience by integrating advanced technology and interactive elements to explore the human body’s relationship with technology and art, providing an engaging and sensory-rich experience for all visitors. The exhibition’s theme underscores the increasingly intricate relationships we share with technology and how it shapes our perceptions of self and body.

The exhibition embodies the spirit of WECIL’s Strategic Partnership with Watershed which focuses on promoting accessibility and inclusion within cultural spaces. The gallery’s design includes features that ensure accessibility for all, including Disabled people, aligning with the broader mission of inclusivity that Watershed champions. Over the years, Watershed has worked closely with WECIL’s Disability.Inc. team to provide insights and consultations that have influenced their approach to accessibility. This collaboration ensures that the needs and perspectives of Disabled people are always considered in their projects.

By collaborating with Watershed, we have advocated for the integration of accessible features, from physical access improvements to sensory accommodations, making art and culture more inclusive for all.

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