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General Election Hustings Easy Read

What is it and when?

On the 4th July people will vote for the political candidate they want to represent Bristol as a Member of Parliament (MP)

People having a meeting, sat round a table.

MPs make important decisions about things that affect you, like social care, housing and transport.

People in suits shaking hands

Before this vote, you can meet the different people who want to be MPs from different political parties.

Different colour rossettes and forms

They will tell you their different ideas about how they want to help older and Disabled people in Bristol.

people sat at a table with hands up. The table has the word questions written on it

You can also ask them questions about things that are important to you.

This type of meeting is called a “Hustings”.

Calendar icon with date 25th June

This meeting will be on the 25th of June.

It will happen from 11am – 2pm

Where will it be?

Outside photo of Bristol Beacon

The meeting will be at the Bristol Beacon in Bristol City Centre.

Picture of accessible parking bays

Tenchard Street car park nearby has blue badge spaces if you want to drive.

Image of different forms of public transport

If you need help with public transport, please let us know. 

You can email [email protected] 

Picture of a phone

or Telephone 0117 947 9911

On the day

A BSL interpreter

Personal assistants and British Sign Language interpreters will be there to help.

Picture of a plate of biscuits

There will be some snacks and drinks.

How do I book?

If you would like to help publicise this event, you can download a printable flyer here and an Easy Read version here.

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