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Voice and Activism

The Critical Need for Enhanced Funding and Social Investment in Disabled People’s Organisations

Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs) play a pivotal role in advocating for the rights and inclusion of Disabled people. Despite our significant contributions, DPOs often face severe funding challenges that limit their capacity to drive meaningful change. Addressing this funding shortfall through increased social investment is essential for fostering a more inclusive and equitable society. Underfunding…

Local Election Hustings Easy Read

What is it? On the 2nd of May people will vote for the political party they want to run Bristol Council. The council make important decisions about things like housing and transport. Before this vote, you can meet the people from these political parties (these people are called councillors). The councillors want to tell you…

Local Election Hustings

Any Easy Read version of this post is available here. Join Us: Speak Up About Disability Issues in Bristol Your Chance to Talk to the People Who Make Decisions On Thursday, 2nd May, voters in Bristol will decide who our new councillors will be. These councillors decide on important things like Adult Social Care, Housing, Taxi…

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