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What is safeguarding?

Safeguarding is making sure that we keep all vulnerable people (this could be Disabled Adults or Children/Young People) we work with safe from abuse and neglect.

Abuse is when somebody treats you badly or hurts you. Any kind of abuse is always wrong and should not happen. 

Neglect is when the people that are meant to look after you aren’t doing their job properly. This could be not giving you enough food, not giving you clean clothes or letting you be dirty or not giving you the medication that you might need. 

If you do not feel safe or are worried about somebody you know you can contact WECIL. 

[email protected] 

WECIL’s Safeguarding Process

We have 2 safeguarding leads who are responsible for everything involved in Safeguarding at WECIL. We have one lead for Adults and one lead for Children and Young People.

Safeguarding Lead for Adults

Lucie Martin-Jones – Head of Community Services 
[email protected]

Safeguarding Lead for Children and Young People

Matt Justice – Head of Children and Youth Services 
[email protected]

All of our managers are also trained safeguarding leads so you can contact the management team at: [email protected]Below you will find WECIL’s Safeguarding Policies: 


We also have more information on different safeguarding concerns for Children and Young People and other people that you can contact outside of WECIL: 

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