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Annual Report 2023

It is a privilege to be Chair of WECIL, and to see the wide range of high quality services we deliver. In spite of on-going challenges, I am confident WECIL will continue to evolve and innovate, and to remain the key Disabled People-Led Organisation providing high quality services for Disabled children and adults in the region.

Ruth Pickersgill, MBE Chair of Trustees

Chief Executive Summary

WECIL’s 5-Year Strategy was launched with great fanfare at last year’s Annual General Meeting. At the time of writing this Annual Report, WECIL is just over halfway through the first year of the strategy, and I am really pleased to note the progress made across many of the strategic and departmental objectives.

WECIL has maintained its voice and influence activity at a national level, and it is heartening to see the DPO sector continue to organise for greater impact.

I remain thankful for the hard work and commitment of a dedicated and talented workforce across WECIL, as well our passionate volunteers and expert Board of Trustees. Their continued hard work has sustained high quality provision and innovated new services which support Disabled people to achieve the independence, choice and control they deserve.

Dominic Ellison, Chief Executive Officer

Community Engagement and Support

As we reflect on the year gone by, it’s amazing to see what we have achieved. Whilst our community is still experiencing the negative impact of the COVID pandemic, we have ended up playing a key role in Bristol’s Cost of Living crisis response. The team have adapted to the current demand as well as maintaining our values and operating principles.

Our Impact in 22/23

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of users rated their overall experience 5/5

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said they felt in control when working with us

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said they now had better access to the advice and support they needed

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said they felt their access needs have been met (3% unsure)

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Children and Youth Services

The Children and Youth Services department has continued to develop and grow this year. With new essential services now being offered in South Gloucestershire and further services now being developed within Bath and North East Somerset, the department continues to grow its delivery of high quality services for Disabled Children, Young People and their families.

In total WECIL’s Children and Youth Services (including those ran by our subcontractors) have delivered 940 sessions to Disabled Children and Young People this year across the Bristol and B&NES areas.

Independent Living Payments Team and Payroll Social Enterprise

The Independent Living Payments Team are supporting 827 individual Disabled people and families to live the life they choose by supporting them with their Direct Payment. 489 are from across Bristol, 206 in South Gloucestershire, 128 across Bath and North East Somerset, with the remainder in North Somerset.

The team have made progress in meeting their strategic objectives:

Use the expertise of WECIL Social Enterprise Ltd to generate new unrestricted income for WECIL by developing our Payroll business beyond the charitable objectives of WECIL The team are already processing payroll for organisations outside of our usual Direct Payment employers and are embarking on an ambitious and rapid training programme to grow this part of our business.

We have brought in outside help to support us with business planning, and we hope to launch our new product offer, starting with our friends in the charitable sector and other social enterprises, in 2024.

Alex Johnston, Head of Commercial and Social Enterprise


One of our main focuses and achievements this year was to launch our Business Support Brand, Disability.Inc. and push our marketing strategy to boost our online presence and sale of our key services to new customers.

Launching Disability.Inc. has ensured a clear social enterprise brand within WECIL that allows businesses to better understand the difference between our charitable services and our chargeable services The launch of the brand, website and clear social media strategy with The Discourse has seen sales increase this year by over 120% from the last financial year.

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