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Website Accessibility

Our  accessibility toolbar allows you to change the colour and contrast of our website to suite your personal needs. It can be accessed by clicking on the blue wheelchair icon to the right of your screen. Give it a go!

Options include:

  • Greyscale
  • High contract 
  • Negative contrast
  • Light background
  • Links underline

General advice on website accessibility:

Keyboard navigation: Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate websites. You can typically use the “Tab” key to move between links, buttons, and interactive elements. Press “Enter” to activate them.

Screen readers: If you have a visual impairment, screen readers can read out the content of web pages. 

Text-to-Speech software: Text-to-speech software reads text aloud, which can be helpful if you have difficulty reading or understanding text. 

Zoom and text size: Adjust the zoom level and text size in your browser settings to make content easier to read. Most browsers allow you to zoom in using “Ctrl +” (Windows) or “Command +” (Mac).

Subtitles: Our videos have subtitles as standard, if you are unable to view the subtitles please email the team on [email protected].

Accessibility features on your computer or phone: Explore the accessibility features on your devices, such as computers smartphones and tablets. These features can assist you in various ways, from adjusting screen brightness to enabling voice commands. For Apple phones and computers look under Settings, on Android these can be founds in the ‘Settings’ app.

For more information refer to your device handbook or the manufactures website. 

Please report any accessibility issues you have:

If you experience any accessibility issues on our website, please report the issue at the first available opportunity.  Email us at [email protected] or call us on 0117 947 9911, we will do our best to make improvements and ensure you have the best experience possible.

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